Experience Your Movies in True Cinema Surround

Cinema True-to-Life Sound

Cinemas are designed with speakers located all around the seats to encapsulate everyone in a 360-degree sound bubble. Together with latest audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, Listeners can precisely perceive where each and every sound is coming from and where it is heading, while feeling like they are in the center of the action. Likewise, having rear surround speakers in your living room replicates this cinema experience at home.

Hear Surround Details Identical to the Movie Studio Recording

In setups involving virtual surround speakers, all of the surround effects are only outputted by the same few speaker drivers at the front, often resulting in some details to be inaudible. In contrast, true surround setups consist of separate physical speakers dedicated to each channel and placed at various parts of the room, ensuring that every surround detail to be reproduced in its true quality.

Perfect Sound for Any Room Shape

In virtual surround setups, sound is outputted from the front to bounce off the room's walls to reach the listener from the sides and the back. However, this only works in an enclosed room. Having rear surround speakers eliminates the reliance on a room's shape or size, allowing listeners to get the same cinema quality experience in any space.