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We are a team of audioheads, sound engineers, and all in all passionate about all things audio.

Founded in 2018, we’ve established a small but specialized team to focus on reestablishing the Nakamichi brand name in home and multimedia audio.

Leading up with small, portable, but high definition speakers as well as high clarity TWS earphones, our product lineup across the next few years focuses on not just devices that produce sound, but also working hand-in- hand with Bluetooth , utilizing their wireless transmission technology to better bring out the details in your high resolution files.

After all, your ears deserve the best.


Nakamichi Corporation had its origins in research on electromagnetism, magnetic recording, acoustics and communications.

It started as a research-based organization, commissioned to carry out research and development work for enterprises and government agencies. The Company was initially called Nakamichi Research Corporation Ltd (Kabushiki-kaishaNakamichi Kenkyojo).

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Founded in 1948 by Mr Etsuro Nakamichi, it has delivered top-quality audio products that incorporate sound, style and substance for over fifty years. Incorporated in Japan.

Nakamichi's global presence includes Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Europe, Middle East, United States.

It is the pre-eminent leader in manufacturing design-driven audio/visual and multimedia systems. These cherished traditions-of intense curiosity, a love of music and a commitment to uncompromising quality and performance-are behind the products that bear the Nakamichi name.